Thanks for visiting Just Good Trade!  We promote and sell Fair Trade in the Mid-West.

Just Good Trade's products are almost all purchased from members of the 
Fair Trade FederationWe feel that this is the best way we can ensure that our goods were actually traded fairly.  

It means a great deal to claim that something is fairly traded and means even more to be a part of the Fair Trade Federation.  Briefly, Fair Trade is a business model in which there is an economic partnership between everyone involved that is based on dialogue, transparency, and respect.  It provides a fair market for people who would otherwise not have an outlet and also helps build capacity in business.  People are paid promptly and fairly and are respected in their own cultural settings.  Environmental best practices are shared and followed.  Women are treated well and children aren't used as laborers. These may seem like common business practices, but they are certainly not common in many places.  

Fair Trade seeks justice in business for the Artists and Farmers, Importers, Retailers and Buyers.  It is a good thing for everyone.

You are welcome to click here to read more of our reflections about the artists and farmers, products, just business and other matters worthy of writing.  

Fair Trade is just good trade... this is Just Good Trade!

Thanks again for visiting and please let us know if we can help you support Fair Trade in any way!  

Fair Trade
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